Advocating on your behalf: CIQS engagement with government

Advocating on your behalf: CIQS engagement with government

Increasing opportunities for members

Relevance — Recent weeks have seen a torrent of new information and new programs offered by the federal and provincial governments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The construction and infrastructure sectors across Canada have, to an increasing extent, been an area of focus for all levels of government.

CIQS Engagement — Through our contact with officials and politicians, we are aware that continuity is a key focus but that is also being balanced to align with public health concerns across all jurisdictions. We are also aware that there are ongoing discussions between all levels of government and the private sector about the importance of economic stimulus in the post-pandemic period.

Industry Impacts — In order to ensure that Construction Estimator Certified and Professional Quantity Surveyors are well positioned in the months ahead, liquidity and credit availability have also been key focuses. As the government delivers programs like the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, which will help many businesses, we would like to hear from you about how your business could be hurt.

“Liquidity and credit availability are key aspects for any business. We are aware that businesses may face many challenges that will increase in intensity - we are alert to their needs as we focus on our engagement initiatives,” said Tammy Stockley, CIQS Board Director.

CIQS Outreach — In particular, sole proprietorships and independent contractors may face challenges in accessing some of these programs and CIQS is here to help. Please let us know at if there are concerns you have that could be addressed through our direct contact with Ministerial offices in Ottawa and in provincial, municipal and territorial capitals. Notwithstanding this, the ongoing business of promoting our profession continues.

Immediate Engagement — Shortly, we will be engaging in policy discussion with Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) about the importance of ensuring public funds are spent appropriately on taxpayer-funded infrastructure. In light of an anticipated growth in spending, we will emphasize the importance of keeping people working, wherever possible, in Canada’s construction sector so that businesses can ramp up quickly to contend with a surge of new projects.

“Our members are working in every part of the construction supply chain, including supporting critical infrastructure, during this extremely difficult time. Engagement with government is key – the expertise and eye for detail of our members will undoubtedly increase efficiency in spending,” said Arif Ghaffur, CIQS Board Director.

Ongoing Opportunities — At the same time as the above initiatives and engagement, the federal government has been spending significant funds on keeping the economy, businesses and families afloat during this time. Their sensitivity to cost accuracy and efficient spending will be very high. CIQS aims to be proactive in supporting the outcome objective of cost accuracy and efficiency, and capitalize on that opportunity for CIQS members who work across the full spectrum of the construction supply chain.

Keep safe!
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